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Character LCD Modules

HOTDISPLAY standard COB character display modules range from 8 x2, 16 x1, 16x2, 16 x4, 20 x2, 20 x4, 40 x2 to 40 x4 format 5×8 dot matrix characters. LCD screens include TN, STN, FSTN, and DFSTN types. LED backlights are available in a variety of colors, including yellow/green, white, red, blue, green, yellow, and RGB LED as well as no backlight options. We offer modules for a variety of different fonts, including English/Japanese, Western European, Eastern European, Russian and Hebrew/Arabic. These character LCM modules can be used in industrial and consumer applications including access control equipment, medical equipment, automotive and home audio, white goods, game consoles, toys and more.

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