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  • 2.9inch 240X120 graphic COG LCD module SPI FSTN+ display with white backlight

    2.9inch 240X120 graphic COG LCD module SPI FSTN+ display with white backlight

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  • HTG240120B-31W-N3S-V01 | Monochrome graphics COG | 240x120 pixels | Transflective LCD display | Side white backlight | FSTN (+) front display | Chinese, English, Russian, Japanese and other fonts to choose from | Optional heating plate can reach ultra-low temperature operation of -40℃ | Low power consumption graphic LCD

    This HOTLCD 240x120 Chip on Glass (COG) LCD module displays deep black pixels on a bright white background. This transflective LCD monitor is engineered to provide optimal visibility in a variety of lighting conditions in a variety of environments. In bright sunlight, the display uses its reflective layer to reflect ambient light back to the viewer, making the screen easy to read. In darker environments, the LCD has a strong built-in backlight that provides high contrast and displays clear graphics to the viewer. This advanced display technology ensures that the display is always easy to read, regardless of lighting conditions.

    This graphic LCD display module is fully compatible with Arduino/C8051 and can be seamlessly connected with other electronic systems and suitable for various applications. The HTM240120B-31W-N3S-V01 model is designed to withstand harsh operating conditions and will operate abnormally when used in temperatures ranging from -20 to 70 degrees Celsius. The LCD has an optimal viewing angle of 12:00, operates at 3.3V, and is RoHS compliant.

    Connector Customization:

    Easily modify any connectors on your display to meet your application’s requirements. Our engineers are able to perform soldering for pin headers, boxed headers, right angle headers, and any other connectors your display may require.

    PCB Modifications: 

    Choose from a variety of changes to the PCB's shape, size, pinout, and component layout to make it perfect for your application.

    Backlight color customization:

    The module backlight has a variety of combinations to choose from, without backlight or with yellow-green/blue/white/amber/red/RGB backlight options. There are 48 effects. You can click on the customization page for reference.

    Font library customization:

    Provides a variety of font libraries, including English/Japanese, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Scandinavian Europe, Cyrillic (Russian), Hebrew/Arabic, etc.

    Cable Customization:

    Adjust the length, position, and pinout of your cables or add additional connectors. Get a cable solution that’s precisely designed to make your connections streamlined and secure.

    Font library customization:

    Provides a variety of font libraries, including English/Japanese, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Scandinavian Europe, Cyrillic (Russian), Hebrew/Arabic, etc.

  • HTM240120B-31W-N3S-V01 Manual_04.jpg

  • Quality Standards

    At HOTLCD Display We Strive Every Day To Provide Our Customers With The Highest Quality Products. This Means Quality, Engineering, And Manufacturing Teams Are Aligned To Exceed Your Expectations.

    Our Customers Should Expect Their Products To Meet Or Exceed The Following Standards:

    All Products

    Reliability TestingCustomers Can Expect All Production Parts To Meet Or Exceed Operational Requirements Over Temperature, Humidity, And Vibration.
    Glass CleanlinessCustomers Can Expect Glass To Be Protected By Liners And Presented Mindful Of Cleanliness Standards. This Means Glass Will Be Clean Of Contaminants, Fingerprints, And Other Foreign Material.
    Bezel AppearanceBezels Will Be Uniformly Painted Free Of Foreign Materials And Distracting Cosmetic Blemishes. Our Standards Maintain A Clean Scratch-Free Surface.
    PCB AppearancePCB’s Are Delivered With Long-Term Reliability In Mind. Finishes Are Free Of Bubbles, Foreign Contaminants, And Meet All UL Fire Requirements. PCB Materials Will Always Be Delivered Within Industry Norms. PCB Edges Will Be Cleanly Cut And Void Of Burrs.
    SolderingSoldering Of All Leaded And SMT Components Is Consistent In Providing The Mechanical Security And Electrical Connectivity.
    ConsistencyOur Manufacturing And Inspection Processes Ensure Product Consistency From Lot To Lot. This Means Orders Processed Over The Years Will Continually Meet Your Expectations. We Do This By Exacting Manufacturing Specifications, With Attention To Detail In Our Processes, And By Comparing To The Golden Units.
    Product IntegrityQuality In Product Manufacturing Ensures Integrity In Construction. Customers Can Expect Tight Assembly Without Worry Of Loose Parts Or Missing Material. Our Products Will Meet All Environmental Expectations Including Temp, Humidity, & Vibration Conditions.
    Glass ColorWhile Normal Variations Of Glass Color May Occur (Due To Manufacturing Tolerances), Hotdisplay Display Maintains Color Compliance Per Internal Approved Color Charts. These Charts Are Maintained To Ensure Any Minor Glass Deviations Are Identified And Corrected As Needed.
    ESD Protection & SafetyAll Devices Are Designed And Handled In Consideration Of ESD Protection. This Includes ESD-SAFE Packaging Within Anti-Static Bags, Wraps, And Trays. Customers Are Reminded To Always Follow ESD Safety To Best Protect The Devices.

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