2.8-inch Intelligent Liquid Crystal Module
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2.8-inch Intelligent Liquid Crystal Module

      EzUILet028 is one of the EzUI series serial intelligent display modules. The module display is 2.8-inch (diagonal) color TFT display, 240×320 dot matrix, 16-bit color depth; the module has 4M bytes of resource memory inside. The module requires 3.3V DC for

      The external interface of the module is a serial UART (TTL level) interface. The interface is simple and easy to operate. It can be easily and simply interfaced with various MCUs. The biggest feature of the EzUILet series modules is that they are easy to use and feature-rich, and users can use them easily. Users can use the interface development tool software (EzUITool) to design, edit, control, and respond to the human-machine interface. Copy the resource files generated by the tool software into the EzUILet series module to achieve the required human-computer interaction interface. Designed without the need for programming control of the microcontroller or other controller. In order to meet the special requirements of users, the EzUILet series modules retain most of the display control commands (similar to the MzTH series modules), so that users can more freely control the module display. EzUILet series and EzUI series: EzUILet series modules are derived from EzUI series modules and belong to EzUI series modules. Compared with EzUI series modules, EzUILet series streamline the properties of some controls, and change the module USB device interface to virtual serial port, write resource files. The entry method is different from the original EzUI series; the EzUILet series module also reduces the capacity of the resource memory to make it more reasonable and reliable. The touchless version of the EzUILet series requires the user MCU to send key messages, and these key messages trigger the events of the module's internal GUI system, which is the biggest difference from the touched EzUI series modules. The naming of the individual controls in the GUI system of the EzUILet series module is still named using the EzUI family of modules.


1 UART serial interface (TTL level) mode, support 9600~115200bps, configuration in resource files;


2 USB interface resource file programming, support online synchronous debugging, small resource mode;


3 Standard module built-in 4M bytes size resource storage, 8K bytes dynamic RAM area;


4 vertical screen / horizontal screen display, determined by resource file configuration;


5 resistive touch screen options;


6 module comes with 6×10, 8×16, 10×20, 16×32 dot ASCII code western font library;


7 Support basic drawing instructions (painting points, lines, rectangles, circles, string display, bitmap display, etc.);


8 Resource memory support GBK2312 second-level Chinese character library, BIG5 font library, BMP bitmap, ASCII western font library, etc.;


9 support area button control, multiple attribute configuration, control message response configurable;


10 Support bitmap button control, multiple attribute configuration, control message response configurable;


11 Support numerical control (integer, floating point number), multiple attribute configuration, support numerical input;


12 Support string control (both in English and Chinese), multiple attribute configuration;


13 Support pop-up drop-down box control, control message response can be configured;


14 Support waveform control, allowing up to four waveform lines in the same ID number control;


15 support progress bar control, control message response can be configured;


16 support bitmap animation control, control message response configurable;



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