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Custom LCD Display Module, LCM, TFT, Custom OLED Display

LCD/LCM/TFT/OLED Custom / Semi-custom / System Integrated Solution

HOT Display provides semi-custom products and tailor-made full-custom OLED/LCD/TFT/LCM display services. The comprehensive product portfolio creates tailor-made solutions for customers to meet various product applications. HOT Display has advanced display and system integration technology for TN/HTN/STN/FSTN/DFSTN/VA, OLED/LCD/TFT/LCM product development and design for customers. Customers can directly use our existing OLED/LCD/TFT/LCM standard products for semi-custom modification, or choose full-custom development services.

Our OLED/LCD/TFT/LCM customized product solutions can provide different options according to customer needs. Customers can choose to change the backlight color or brightness or glass type, specify special connectors, cables, resistive touch panels (RTP) and projected capacitive touch panels (PCAP), anti-reflective or anti-glare coated glass or custom coverlens, ZIF PPC or custom PCB board, etc., we provide a variety of options to assist customers in product development solutions and system integration services.

The following figure is a reference for TN/HTN/STN/FSTN/DFSTN/VA customized options:



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